Monday, 19 January 2009

Older works I - Carved Drinking Horns

Once upon a time, back in the first years of the new millenium it all started with the carving of drinking horns.
I primarily used different patterns of celtic or viking origin, but every now and then also own designs which had (and still have) their roots in the artworks of the ancient masters.
At this time I was active in Germany going by the name of DACHSGAU (which could be translated as badger's district)

Back then I was working together with my wife and we developed a way to colour the carvings but it turned out to be very costly in terms of time and work. On the long run it was the reason for us to restrict the work with horns and to look for other fields of artistic occupation. However we created some really nice pieces, as the examples you can see here now.

Even if it isn't on a regular basis, I still like to do a drinking horn from time to time...

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