Thursday, 29 January 2009

Older Works IV - Sax Knives

I've only done 3 Sax Knives so far. The reason is simple - as I am not able to make the blades myself, I need to get them somewhere else. And I simply did not find a reliable source for this kind of blades yet. This was my first one and it's obvious that I wasn't that skillful 5 years back in time. The sheath was one of my first tries with stamping tools and the sax knive itself is also much more primitive than my recent works. Probably I will revise it one day... The handle is made of antler and horn. The blade was made by a friend and is of simple carbon steel. This piece was not that good, but it was a certain step of my artistic evolution.

This second one was way better than my first try and was sold pretty fast. It is visible that I was much more experienced in knifemaking as in the use of the leather tools and it is still a piece which I am very proud of. The sheath is ornamented with a pattern in Oseberg-style. The handle is made of curly birch, antler and leather.

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