Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Awful Thors Hammer - My heir to the world?

This one is a funny story - first of all - Have you ever seen a Thor's Hammer which was poorer than this one?
Ok, maybe you have, but it is definetely a quite awful one.
However, the story around it is worth telling.

A few years ago, at the very first beginning of my work with leather, I wasn't dealing with all these nice tools and carvings - I was decorating into the leather with a kind of branding tool or -pen. Often I did this freehand without a tracing and the work shown above is one of the results. Afterwards I scanned it - as all my works at that time - and took the ugly Hammer-design again and again, also improving it a bit over the time.
I completely forgot about this crappy (well at least crappy from todays point of view) design until I came across an online shop selling bracers with just that ugly hammer on it!!! I was laughing and I am not a person who cares that much about copyright issues, but I also was shocked that just an awful work as that one develops an autonomus life... Probably this will be my heir to the world?!

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Lara said...

I had a similar experience. One of my earliest "mojo bag" pictures, that I thought I had pulled from every website, showed up on -someone else's- website, as their work! And I was to embarrassed to contact them about the copyright infringement. :)