Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Recent Works: Norse Viking Bracer Garm

This work is also already a few months old, due to the fact that I did not craft that much during that time. I was simply too busy with everything around the first litter of my wolfdog female, fostering the pups and so on. But as I did not post this very special one yet, at least not on this blog, I thought it would be time.

It is a new design of bracers, similar to the wristbands I posted in march. The design is my own and I consider the main-pattern as one of my best ornamental works.
It is very close to the animals of the Mammen style and as the name of the bracer says it - it is the "hell-hound" Garm who is depicted. In the norse mythology this awful dog guards the entrance to the underworld, called "Hel" in ancient times.

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