Wednesday, 10 February 2010

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Recent Works: Northern Hunter Belt Pouch

This belt pouch is made from solid 2 and 3mm vegetable-tanned leather.
It is hand tooled and dyed
It fits onto a belt up to 45mm wide.
The closure button is made of antler.

width: 160mm
hight:(incl.the loops): 185mm

It's for sale: Buy here!

Recent Works: Nordic Knives Jotun and Whitefang

These custom knives are perfectly suitable for every outdoor enthusiast or collector of nordic knives.

This damascus steel blade is made by the famous Poul Strande from Denmark.
Measures: 105mm x 27mm x 4mm

The handle is made of brass, leather, reindeer antler, stabilized curly birch and stab. maple burl.

The whole knife has a length of 241 mm and a weight of 149 g (without the sheath)

The sheath is made of solid 3 and 4 mm veg. tanned leather, hand tooled, dyed and sewn.


The blade is a quality product from the well know swedish company Frosts Knivfabrik from Mora.
It is made of carbon steel; measures: 150mm x 24mm x 2,5mm

The handle is made of amboina burl, leather and reindeer antler, finished with linseed oil varnish

The whole knife has a length of 275 mm and a weight of 125 g (without the sheath)

The sheath is made of solid 3 and 4 mm veg. tanned leather, hand tooled, dyed and sewn

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Recent Works: Mjolnir - Hammer Bracers

"Mjolnir - the Hammer of Thor,

the mighty weapon of the germanic thundergod.
Since the time of the christianisation of the north, it became a sign for the resistance against the new and foreign belief.
Until today it displays the pride of a heathen/pagan worldview."

Bracers with an own Thors Hammer design.

There are still some of them available in my Etsy-store - however this will be the last ones of that kind I make, so if you are interested, do not hesitate and order your's today!
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Recent Works: Viking Warrior Bracers

Two new bracers with my own designs. Both designs are quite similar, even if the knotted beasts are different. The warrior knotwork in the middle is the same, though I varied the details and of course the colors.

Both bracers are for sale in my shop: Buy those bracers here!