Saturday, 18 September 2010

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Recent Custom Works: Woden's Wolves Cuff

Yes, another custom work - this time leather and less mind-boggling effort. However, I often catch myself these days designing patterns that look great but that are almost impossible when it comes to the final execution... It's all a matter of size and when it comes to leather tooling this is a crucial wisdom. But we all need challenges and so I tried to get this pattern onto this very tiny little cuff and succeeded with almost no loss of detail - don't ask me how but it worked!

Recent Custom Works: Lugh's Knot Wedding Horns

This job was close to driving me crazy. It was not the first time I carved horns but the first time the horns were for the customers' wedding - so I was constantly aware of the high relevance this work would have for the couple and their pagan marriage ceremony... Furthermore I had to do a pair - a pair that should be almost identical, apart from the fact that they are mirrored.
And doing two identical horns means a total different strategy - so it took me almost two days of work to trace the design onto the horns.
Usually, or at least very often, I design the patterns freehand on the horn - something that was completely out of question this time...
So before I even could think about tracing any patterns, I needed to have the patterns first. Fortunately the classic celtic knotwork bands and the central Lugh's knot pattern were given so I "just" needed some knotwork band for the intermediate parts. And, call it a creative logjam or whatever, it took me ages to come up with this one:
This was a real bastard to carve, but in the end it turned out well and the couple was really satisfied and happy with the result. And this is what makes me happy, too!