Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Recent Custom Works: Trifold Panther Wallet

This is the very first wallet I've ever made and it even contains some for me very untypical decoration. This is the nice thing about custom works - sometimes you are forced to think in a slightly different way which leads to further artistic progression. While I was planning to do a wallet already since at leat one year, I was certainly not planning to incorporate any non-european big cat in one of my works, especially not a rather naturalistic version. However, it turned out quite fine I think...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Recent Custom Works: Carved Drinking Horn Hvergelmir

This drinking horn was a custom work I dealt with during the last weeks - I think this turned out to become my best hornwork so far... The designing process was great - it was done freehand onto the horn, just the way I like it most - first with a lead pencil and after some small changes and the final approval of the customer with a permanent marker. Last but not least the bas-relief carving followed.

Recent Works: Knotthorn Pyrography

This time I did not carve the drinking horn, instead I used a kind of pyrography and as you can see there are no lines but a lot of dots forming the pattern. It was my first horn pyrography since a lot of years and I did this more or less just for fun between two comissions. A very relaxing work and there will be more like this to come... Furthermore I think a combination of carving and burning might be extremely nice?! I did the design while I was working on it, step by step.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Custom Works: Classic Individual Leather Dog Collar in Viking Style

Classic leather dog collars for a pack of Staffords, decorated with a custom viking design and the dogs' names written in runes. All 3 collars have the same design including the famous stafford knot but differ in the use of colours - this provides individuality and the feeling of pack solidarity at the same time.

Custom Works: Individual Leather Dog Collar in Viking Style with D-Ring Closure

Leather dog collar decorated with ornamental viking design and the dog's name. It has a D-Ring closure instead a buckle closure. I personally prefer this type of closure for the collars of my own dogs since they are very easy to put on and take off again. Of course these are not designed to choke the dogs even if the D-ring closure uses kind of the same concept as a choke collar. However there's a stop which prevents the choking effect. So the minimum extent of the collars is calculated with regards to the actual circumference of the dog's neck.