Monday, 3 January 2011

Commissioned Works - Terms

How to order a custom work from Wodenswolf?

First of all you need to write an e-mail to me - you find the adress in my profile.
Please let me know as exact as possible what you are out for - the more you tell me right from the start the less mails we got to write to get to the finished items ;)
So tell me your wishes with all the details that are important for you!

The next step will be that I create the design for your custom work and provide you with a kind of sketch that gives you an idea about how the final piece will look like.
You get this attached to an email and you can either approve the design or veto against my suggestion and tell me what to change. We will play this game until you have no further suggestions for improvement.

The next step is the payment - for extremely personalized stuff including names, logos, coat of arms etc. I demand the full price in advance, for works that would be alienable in spite of the individual character, only half of the price is demanded beforehand.

Now it's my turn to craft your item - this might take one day, one week or one month, depending on the complexity and the necessary efforts. But at this point you will already have an estimate from my side about how long you have to wait.

As soon as the item is ready, you will get another email with attached images of the finished product.

Then it's time for shipping and we are ready!

The price is 200 SEK for every hour of work. Of course I can't know the exactly needed time prior to work, but I will make an estimation based on my experience.

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