Friday, 25 February 2011

Recent Custom Works: Belt Bag and Collar for dutch Stafford Kennel Quinlent

Another custom work for a Stafford - this time a collar for a female with the beautiful name Vivre and a belt bag with the kennel logo for her owners.

Collar and belt bag have a matching design with a knotwork including the traditional Stafford Knot as well as well as the same colour scheme. I will update this entry with a picture of Vivre wearing her collar as soon as I get it ;)

Check them out!

Recent Custom Works: Logo for SkaldicSoul

Please klick the image for a bigger version

If you like Viking/Folk Metal you might like to check these guys out: SkaldicSoul Official Facebook Page

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Recent Works: Sword Of Suontaka Belt Bag

The design of this viking belt bag was also inspired by the hilt of a sword found in the grave of a noble woman in Suontaka Finland.
After finishing the wristband from my last post, I studied the sword of Suontaka a bit more and became totally overwhelmed by the patterns on it's hilt. Since I was planning to make another belt bag for a while, I found these patterns quite fitting for the sake and so I took them and changed them slightly to match the shape of the bag, added some own ideas and so on.
I really love the result and right now I think about to create a belt for it as well. This depends on my spare time and as soon as this bag will be for sale (with or without an appropriate belt) I will update this post.

Recent Custom Works: Sword of Suontaka Wristband

Custom leather work. The design of this wristband was inspired by the hilt of a sword found in the grave of a noble woman in Suontaka Finland.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Recent Works: Leidungr Solhjul

This work is a kind of collaboration with Leidungr, a swedish neofolk ambient project formed 2010.
If you are into obscure folk stuff you should definitely check them out - I am sure that their debut album will be one of the best releases in 2011, certainly the best non-metal release. So far you can only check out their Youtube channel where you find some great examples of their musical art. Leidungr's YouTube channel

This design is thought to become a part of their logo - that's the reason I put it into the designs and interfaces section.
Maybe some of you might think that this seems familiar and you are right. The design is based on a rather bad black and white picture I got from Leidungr, showing this sunwheel in an inappropriate angle. So my job was partly reconstruction and inventing the parts that weren't visible in the foto to get it into a frontal position.
We don't know the exact origin of the reference picture or the wooden sunwheel depicted so if anyone knows it - do not hesitate to let me know ;)
However I assume it could be of german origin probably from the first half of the last century