Monday, 30 May 2011

Recent Custom Works: Leather Bracers for the Viking Metal Masters of Einherjer

This job was a very special one and the result is among my best works so far, from the design to the final items. When I was contacted by the girlfriend of the band's drummer to make bracers for the guys of Einherjer it was as much honour as challenge. This band, and especially their Aurora Borealis - Demo had a huge impact on me and is still one of the very first names when it comes to true Viking Metal.
I had quite free hands in all regards and so I went through all the artworks of their releases looking for something that would look good on leather. However I just found one symbol they were repeatedly using throughout the years but I felt that I had to take it and to change it a bit.
The result has not too much to do with the original, though I have to say it became a beautiful piece of art.

Since not both bracers of each pair should display the same designs, I decided to create the second part myself from the scratch. The result was this not necessarily groundbreaking but still very effective image of viking-style helmet, axe, sword and shield, the latter incorporating an E for (you guess it) EINHERJER, also with a certain norse-twist.

As almost all my designs it became way too complicated to be used one-to-one but I hate to limit myself when I am in the process of creation so I prefered to implement the full scope of my artistic vision in the patterns. Then, prior to the actual tooling, I just had to figure out which extent of it would be possible to execute on the leather and which elements had to be removed.

However the sheer amount of details I was able to accomplish acctually surprised myself. I did 4 pairs of these bracers and I was satisfied with each of them.
Another very special thing about this work was my payment - I did not make this job for money but for ink! I got an underarm half-sleeve for my efforts, made by my client Renathe Horvei Bryn herself - she is an excellent tattoo-artist working at the Karma Tattoo Studio in Haugesund, Norway.

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Anonymous said...

What a incredible work! I recently made some bracers myself and I know what craftsmenship is nessessary for this kind of work. What I was alway wondering is what colour do you use to paint the leather red, black etc.?

Hälsingar från tyskland