Thursday, 29 March 2012

A lot is going to happen!

Since this blog is thought to be the main source for news on my works, I think it is time to update you folks on the recent developments.

Part 1: Feigned inactivity
I am aware of the fact that recently one might have got the impression that I am was quite inactive - at least if you take my activity on the world wide web as an indicator for my creativity.
Of course the opposite is true; I was busier than ever before and my occupation was more or less divided into two different parts: one was producing the stuff that was sold in my Etsy Shop and the second dealing with commissions ranging from Tattoo- and other Designs to the good old crafts in leather, horn and bone. The result was that there was no time left for being active on the net.
Furthermore neither the reproducing of cuffs I sold on the one hand nor the long-term commissional works on the other, gave results that were interessting for the "community" following my artistic adventures via blogger, facebook or Deviant Art. While the first part was only repitition, the second part mainly consisted of works that are not even finished at this point. The fruits of my efforts will be visible during this year and I can promise that they are worth the time I spent with them.

Part 2: No more Etsy
But the situation of the previous showed once again one (actually wellknown) truth - it's wearing
to fight at two different frontlines.
And so a decision was made - my Etsy shop has to die! I am sorry for all those of you who may have seen stuff there thinking "I will buy it another day" because this day won't come anymore.
I still have the Artfire shop and this one will continue as the one and only place on the net to purchase my works, but the focus there is and will be on unique items.
Of course I will also continue doing custom works, but only the ones that I find interesting and not one thors hammer bracelet after the other...

Part 3: Prices
Also the pricelist I had online here will be obsolete - from now on there's one rule concerning the prices: 200 SEK for every hour of work! I simply can't afford any lower prices anymore since otherwise the taxes will let me starve... One is exception is and will remain bartering - if you have something I want and you want something I have - then we may have a deal!
The second exception is cooperation with other artists that I find worthy, like f.e. musicians whose music inspires me - in that case the regular prices have no meaning and in special cases I might work for nothing more than my reputation! be continued...


Ms Corpse Cafe said...

May I ask why you have closed your
etsy shop?

I am most curious if it is because etsy is taking too much of a cut of your sales.

I'm wondering if it is worth using etsy myself.

Your work is amazing btw!



Freki Jungnickel said...

Hej Camille!
There have been several reasons to close the shop.

One reason was indeed the costs of Etsy - my items aren't cheap and if I have to add even more to the price just to get the greedy Etsy satisfied it's simply getting too much.

I wasn't completely satisfied with Etsy's customer service either...

But the first and foremost reason was that I have no time to produce enough items to keep the shop running - I am completely busy with commissioned works and stuff. The shop was thought as a way to promote my works, but if promotion starts taking more time than the actually promoted business, you know that something went wrong ;)


Chris Jacheo said...

I am taking you up on the offer to use the outstanding Thor's hammer artwork on my T shirts! It is simply amazing! Who can I talk to about getting other designs?

Owner-Tier One Viking Wear