Thursday, 29 January 2009

Recent Works: A belt for myself

I was thinking about this since a very long time now, but somehow I never had the time to actually put my plan into practice. I have done belts before, but this one for myself should be more than a simple leather strap holding my pants up.
Of course one of my aims with creating this belt was simply to show my skills on an item used on a daily basis. Something that I can always have with me, where ever I go. I often got into situations speaking about my arts but having nothing to show in real life. This belt should sovle this problem.
A second task this item should be able to fullfil: When wandering through the woods with my dogs, I often wished to be able to keep my hands free, even if the dogs have to stay on the leaches. Therefore I added the two D-rings and a snap-hook to this belt which will make this wish come true.
The patterns I used on this piece are all self-designed and have been inspired by viking-age Jelling style. It took me something more than 2 days to finish this work.

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