Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Recent Works: Thor's Hammer Leather Clock

Unique and innovative battery driven wall clock made of veg. tanned leather; hand tooled and dyed.
The hands are driven by a quartz clockwork.
It has a diameter of approximately 23 cm/9" and has a weight of 145 g.

For sale:

Recent Works: New designs

I have created these new designs recently, some of them will have their debut on leather very soon and might also be used for some cool T-Shirts in my clothes store: printfection.com/norsedesigns

Monday, 1 March 2010

Recent Works: Leather Belt "Mattr ok Megin"

If you are looking for a good leather belt with some kind of viking style decoration, you may have realized that something like that is quite hard to find out there.
Either you have those really nice authentic looking ones with great metal buckles and strap ends that fit perfectly to viking costume for the next reenactment event - but less perfect to your every day outfit.
Or you find those with poorly embossed and boring celtic knotwork patterns.
So I decided to do something for you guys and girls out there.

The inspiration for this belt comes partly from the early Viking Age ornaments of the Oseberg period. (It's my favourite style btw.)
It is one of the most typical viking styles and is less celtic influenced.
The runic inscription "Mattr ok Megin" is thought to summon the power and the might of the individual who will wear this piece one day.

It is 4.5 cm/1.8 inches broad while the the ends are cut out somewhat narrower (ca. 1.5 in) to ensure that almost every common buckle should fit.
It is a snap-on belt - so you can fasten your buckle with two snaps.
It is 125 cm/49.2 inches long (excl. buckle)

You can purchase this piece here:
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New Shop - Wodenswolf now also on Artfire.com

I decided to open a second shop on Artfire.com. I really like the features there and the overall look is also quite fine.
Furthermore you can purchase my stuff there without having an account. I hope this makes it easier for those of you who have no Etsy-account.
However my Etsy store will also continue to exist. I will run both shops simultaneously, at least some months.

Recent Works: New Bracer Designs

Bracer "New Dawn"

Maybe when I did this piece I was a bit inspired by the long winter this year and the actual wish for the sun to return, maybe those feeling inspired only the name I gave to this pattern.
Anyway, since I made my own Thor's Hammer design recently, I wanted to do my own version of another very important symbol of germanic paganism - the Irminsul.
I think I was fairly successful with my approach of combining this old sign with my own style.

Bracer "Svarog"
This design is my tribute to the slavonic pagan traditions I find really inspiring.
I think there may be some more works in the future using slavonic or baltic symbols. But since I am not that familiar with these styles, this will probably stay single attempts every now and then unless there will be a good response forcing me to do more ;)

Both bracers are available for sale in my shops:
Artfire: http://www.Wodenswolf.artfire.com/
Etsy: http://www.Wodenswolf.etsy.com/