Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Recent Works: The Serpent's Bite - Viking Knife With Carved Antler Handle

Another one of those things I ever wanted to do is to combine my two favourite crafts - carving and knife-making. I mean, is there anything that screams as loud for a carved decoration like a knife handle made from antler? I think not.
So I took this knife which I actually made a few years ago but never finished. It served me in it's unfinished state sometimes as a working knife, sometimes it was completely forgotten.
I just found it again a while ago and after all the progression of my carving abilities in recent times, I decided to finally dare it. There was this little wrist cuff lying around and I thought, "Hey, this pattern would be great for this handle!" and after 5 minutes of freehand transfering and some further hours of work the result was convincing. This is the first one in a long row of knifes with carved handles - you can be pretty sure about that!
Since I do not know when I'll be able to make a fitting sheath, this piece is not for sale yet. However if you are interested in a "pre-order" don't hesitate to contact me!

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Mika Saarela said...

Can i order these cuff´s from somewhere?