Monday, 7 March 2011

Recent Custom Works: Pair of Bracers for the Vocalist of the mighty Amon Amarth

It is seldom that I am absolutely satisfied with one of my works. Strange but true last week was an exception and all pieces I finished recently turned out into what I would call my personal masterpieces.
This epic bracer is part of a pair and was a custom work for the vocalist of the famous Viking Death Metal band Amon Amarth.
The terms of reference were easy - the bracers should be like my good old and bestselling Hammer bracers but with buckles instead of a lacing.

One of the bracers should display Odin or something related to him and the other a Thor's hammer. So I designed a pattern showing Odin's face crowned by his Ravens and some surrounding knotwork. I took inspiration from some wooden statues as well as the famous Aarhus Mask.
While the Odin Bracer is a quite intricate one, I wanted to make the hammer a bit more simple. I wanted to create a new Mjölnir but as close to the originals as possible, a pattern that you easily could imagine as a pendant.

The Odin bracer:
And the Thor's Hammer Bracer:


Nothing said...

These are some of the nicest bracers I have seen. Great craftsmanship and leather work. I would love to own a pair if they were available. I am sure Johan loves them.

Alvaro Sullivan said...

Hi, I want to know where and how can i do to get the pair and how much money do they cost?


Freki Jungnickel said...

Since these are commissioned bracers for an individual customer, there is no possibility to redo them.