Saturday, 13 October 2012

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Folks, please pay attention to this procalmation!
Of course I appreciate any interest in my arts and crafts and every customer is very welcome - however there's one thing I would like to make clear to spare you and me precious time.

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Most items that have been in the shops have been made several times - and their time is over! This is just the reason I closed down my Etsy Shop - I simply became fed up with doing the same stuff on and on again. It is certainly not in my customers' interest if I do things with a kind of reluctance just to earn some money - this would be the quite opposite of what my work really is about!
Furthermore I can't redo single items just because of the fact that they would cease to be single items in the moment they got replicated. So just imagine, you buy something as a single item and afterwards become aware of that there are plenty of additional copies of your "single item"...
So please contact me further on for plenty of nice custom works but give phantasy and creativity a chance and don't ask for the old stuff all the time!

Thanks for your attention!

Hails from the forest

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