Friday, 30 August 2013

Norse Snowboards - Thor

Instead of writing a new text about this work, let me cite from the product description on that has a lot of my own quote:

About the art:
Selecting an artist to create the first snowboard graphic for a Norse Snowboard was quite a challenge. Ancient Norse and Germanic art has nearly been forgotten in the span of the last couple thousand years. We were able to find an artist that specializes specifically in the ancient traditional art of Northern Europe. Our goal at Norse is to revitalize an ancient spirit in ourselves, and one of the most beautiful parts of that spirit is the cultural significance of the art.

 Our artist works with us internationally from Sweden, Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel. Having an expert in Norse art centered in the heart of the Scandinavian homeland is something we are very proud of. Freki puts his heart into every piece that he works on, having deep connection to his art “almost all of my works are single items, customized and personal. I like the individual touch of that approach but at times it feels like there has to be something more.” –Freki

 What is the deeper significance of the art in our snowboard? From the artist:

 “Tradition; It's about the spiritual and cultural tradition of ancient Europe and its artistic correspondence. But it's not like a romantic look into the rear-view mirror, it's the strong belief that we can only benefit from the revival of our past values, to gain strength, pride and a sense of identity that seems lost in our days.”

 “That's what I liked about Norse Snowboarding right from the start - the approach of bringing Norse/Germanic tradition into a scene that is otherwise dominated by very modern styles. Thor's Hammer is the perfect theme for the first Norse Snowboard, a symbol for the vital power of the Germanic spirit.”

 “The design of the Thor Board combines authentic Norse style with a modern design. That's why there are two hammers, one pointing backward into the past, one forward into the future. Like the hammer cracks the sky, this board strikes the top of a snowcapped mountain and the old gods return from oblivion - take a ride with them, take a ride with the Thor Board!” -Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel

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Audrey said...

These are amazing!
I know my boyfriend would go crazy for one!