Monday, 7 December 2009

Recent Works: Solar Kult Drinking Horn

Here's the latest Drinking Horn I carved. This time I used my Dremel Tool only for the rough part and put much more effort into the refining work with my good old Mora Knives.
The patterns I used are my own designs.
I also made a holder for the customer which you can see below:

The Horn is 44 cm long and holds 0,5 l of fluid. It was sold for 340 $ (including the holder).

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Unknown said...

Hey god dag! Dit arbejde er den største jeg nogensinde har set for nylig! Indeed outside of the old atr noveau stein lidded horns of the 1800s! I also am a Norse craftsman outside of my job as a pipe fabricator! I plan on doing lidded work with metal detail but have started out with leather and carving the horn! I am a Danish/American and only one other American does this at the level you are at and he isn't even close!! Excellent work! Incredible leather projects too! I have been showing recommending your hand bags to every lady I know who is into this sort of thing! I know I would talk to any girl with a hand bag like that!!! Good job! Håber at se mere snart! Farvel.