Monday, 7 December 2009

Recent Works: Dragon Clock

A while ago I had the idea of crafting a clock. I think in our modern times we have a certain view on time that is rather invalid. Sayings like "Time is Money" are quite symptomatic of this view and so we often have somehow negative associations like stress and pressure when we think about time. And we have a quite linear conception concerning time.
However, in the olden times there was a rather circular understanding of the topic.
And here we come close to my own approach with my crafted clocks.
I think, there is actually no better symbol for the circles of nature as the good old round clock.
I wanted to bring a bit of this ancient time-concept back into our awareness and give the grandeur back to time!

For this clock I used my own designed patterns. The pattern in the middle section is a typical circular ornament in viking style, the dragon around it bites it's own tail and so both patterns refer straight to the above mentioned ancient understanding of time.

This clock is available in my Etsy-store:
Here you can buy the Dragon Clock!!!

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