Monday, 7 December 2009

Recent Works: Wolfszeit Clock

With this second clock I followed the same inspiration as with the first one (look at my recent post) however I chose a kind of different way of expression than with my usual works.
I went completely without my normal viking/celtic paterns this time. Anyhow there is the same spirit of antiquity which I always aspire.

As you may realize when you look at my works I have a very deep connection to Wolves and indeed my view on this very special animal is almost religious.

So in the beginning this work was more for my own pleasure, furthermore to enter a rather naturalistic and traditional style of leather tooling, thought as a singular attempt.
But I think that this turned out so fine that there will certainly be follow-ups.

This clock is also for sale in my shop:
Here you can buy the Wolfzeit-Clock !!!

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