Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tattoo Designs Deleted!

Unfortunately and with a heavy heart I had to delete all custom tattoo designs from my gallery and so I will do on my other websites as well.
The reason is that people obviously have problems to respect individuality and take my work even if it is marked as property of a certain person - the person who commissioned me to design the corresponding tattoo, the person who paid a lot of money to get a unique tattoo.
I know, maybe it was naive to think there could be something like respect among those who appreciate my art, but actually putting the finished works online was the only chance to show the world what I do... Recently designing tattoos has become my main occupation and it is quite clear that the amount of these jobs will decrease if I no longer can promote my work on the net. But the integretiy towards my customers is more important than the amount of commissions so I will have to find another way of promoting my art.

Sorry for those whojust enjoyed looking at my art and fuck those who steal! May the ink poison your skin - my curse is upon you!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thor's Hammer 2012

To celebrate 1000 likes of this fb-page!
You are allowed to use this design for whatever purpose - print it on shirts, get it tattoed, I don't care as long as you spread it!
There's only one thing - please klick the "like" button on Freki Wodenswolf's facebook page!

You need a high resolution version of one or all of the images above? 
Just download them here!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Folks, please pay attention to this procalmation!
Of course I appreciate any interest in my arts and crafts and every customer is very welcome - however there's one thing I would like to make clear to spare you and me precious time.

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Most items that have been in the shops have been made several times - and their time is over! This is just the reason I closed down my Etsy Shop - I simply became fed up with doing the same stuff on and on again. It is certainly not in my customers' interest if I do things with a kind of reluctance just to earn some money - this would be the quite opposite of what my work really is about!
Furthermore I can't redo single items just because of the fact that they would cease to be single items in the moment they got replicated. So just imagine, you buy something as a single item and afterwards become aware of that there are plenty of additional copies of your "single item"...
So please contact me further on for plenty of nice custom works but give phantasy and creativity a chance and don't ask for the old stuff all the time!

Thanks for your attention!

Hails from the forest

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Recent Custom Works: Guitar Strap Ragnarökkr

 Recently finished custom work - as always a blend of different styles of the middle - later period viking age showing the battle between the forces of chaos and order...


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Now for something completely different... Acsen

 Yeah, sure - it's not completely different since it's leather, tooling and bracers. On the other hand it's easy to see that it's another style of decoration and symbolism this time. In a cooperation with the Underground-Label W.T.C. these bracers were designed for the Live-rituals of Ascension, one of the most distinct and certainly best german Black Metal Hordes ever. It was a long awaited chance to work in this direction since the true Black Metal Kult has always been part of my artistic identiy but if you look at my "usual" work you will find it kind of unrepresented...

 The designs base on the several artworks of the band's previous releases.

 If you want to see them in action just  Check this...  and this!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A lot is going to happen!

Since this blog is thought to be the main source for news on my works, I think it is time to update you folks on the recent developments.

Part 1: Feigned inactivity
I am aware of the fact that recently one might have got the impression that I am was quite inactive - at least if you take my activity on the world wide web as an indicator for my creativity.
Of course the opposite is true; I was busier than ever before and my occupation was more or less divided into two different parts: one was producing the stuff that was sold in my Etsy Shop and the second dealing with commissions ranging from Tattoo- and other Designs to the good old crafts in leather, horn and bone. The result was that there was no time left for being active on the net.
Furthermore neither the reproducing of cuffs I sold on the one hand nor the long-term commissional works on the other, gave results that were interessting for the "community" following my artistic adventures via blogger, facebook or Deviant Art. While the first part was only repitition, the second part mainly consisted of works that are not even finished at this point. The fruits of my efforts will be visible during this year and I can promise that they are worth the time I spent with them.

Part 2: No more Etsy
But the situation of the previous showed once again one (actually wellknown) truth - it's wearing
to fight at two different frontlines.
And so a decision was made - my Etsy shop has to die! I am sorry for all those of you who may have seen stuff there thinking "I will buy it another day" because this day won't come anymore.
I still have the Artfire shop and this one will continue as the one and only place on the net to purchase my works, but the focus there is and will be on unique items.
Of course I will also continue doing custom works, but only the ones that I find interesting and not one thors hammer bracelet after the other...

Part 3: Prices
Also the pricelist I had online here will be obsolete - from now on there's one rule concerning the prices: 200 SEK for every hour of work! I simply can't afford any lower prices anymore since otherwise the taxes will let me starve... One is exception is and will remain bartering - if you have something I want and you want something I have - then we may have a deal!
The second exception is cooperation with other artists that I find worthy, like f.e. musicians whose music inspires me - in that case the regular prices have no meaning and in special cases I might work for nothing more than my reputation! be continued...

Recent Work: Dragon Pendant

Finally spring time is here and so is the possibility to work outside. This means bone carving! Here you see one of the first carving projects of 2012 and if this isn't my best one so far, I don't know...

The design is my own, but was to a large degree influenced by an urnes style original from the viking age. The design itself as on paper is a lot more pure Urnes style, while adding the dots inside the body of the dragon makes the pendant more of a viking-style-crossover.