Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tattoo Designs Deleted!

Unfortunately and with a heavy heart I had to delete all custom tattoo designs from my gallery and so I will do on my other websites as well.
The reason is that people obviously have problems to respect individuality and take my work even if it is marked as property of a certain person - the person who commissioned me to design the corresponding tattoo, the person who paid a lot of money to get a unique tattoo.
I know, maybe it was naive to think there could be something like respect among those who appreciate my art, but actually putting the finished works online was the only chance to show the world what I do... Recently designing tattoos has become my main occupation and it is quite clear that the amount of these jobs will decrease if I no longer can promote my work on the net. But the integretiy towards my customers is more important than the amount of commissions so I will have to find another way of promoting my art.

Sorry for those whojust enjoyed looking at my art and fuck those who steal! May the ink poison your skin - my curse is upon you!

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