Friday, 30 August 2013

Norse Snowboards - Thor

Instead of writing a new text about this work, let me cite from the product description on that has a lot of my own quote:

About the art:
Selecting an artist to create the first snowboard graphic for a Norse Snowboard was quite a challenge. Ancient Norse and Germanic art has nearly been forgotten in the span of the last couple thousand years. We were able to find an artist that specializes specifically in the ancient traditional art of Northern Europe. Our goal at Norse is to revitalize an ancient spirit in ourselves, and one of the most beautiful parts of that spirit is the cultural significance of the art.

 Our artist works with us internationally from Sweden, Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel. Having an expert in Norse art centered in the heart of the Scandinavian homeland is something we are very proud of. Freki puts his heart into every piece that he works on, having deep connection to his art “almost all of my works are single items, customized and personal. I like the individual touch of that approach but at times it feels like there has to be something more.” –Freki

 What is the deeper significance of the art in our snowboard? From the artist:

 “Tradition; It's about the spiritual and cultural tradition of ancient Europe and its artistic correspondence. But it's not like a romantic look into the rear-view mirror, it's the strong belief that we can only benefit from the revival of our past values, to gain strength, pride and a sense of identity that seems lost in our days.”

 “That's what I liked about Norse Snowboarding right from the start - the approach of bringing Norse/Germanic tradition into a scene that is otherwise dominated by very modern styles. Thor's Hammer is the perfect theme for the first Norse Snowboard, a symbol for the vital power of the Germanic spirit.”

 “The design of the Thor Board combines authentic Norse style with a modern design. That's why there are two hammers, one pointing backward into the past, one forward into the future. Like the hammer cracks the sky, this board strikes the top of a snowcapped mountain and the old gods return from oblivion - take a ride with them, take a ride with the Thor Board!” -Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Moving my portfolio

I deleted my old portfolio - I was using the DeviantArt feature for some years now but decided to move over to since my premium membership on DA runs out and I won't renew it.
So I will build up a new one here: 


Vargdricka - Logo and Label for Scandinavian Farmhouse Ale

Vargdricka - Label
This work was inspired by Lorenz Frølich's "Odin and Fenrir"

This project was a special fun - designing a label and a logo for a scandinavian farmhouse ale.
Let's have a look at the company's own the description of this drink:
"a recreation of the daily drink of the vikings brewed with smoked malt, wheat, rye, and honey upon berry laden juniper branches and bittered with bog myrtle"

Check them out at:

Monday, 1 July 2013

Revolt against the dictates of availability - Important announcement!

These days most people sing the songs of praise to our new world of connectivity.
The delightful pleasures of the internet promise the completion of the Enlightenment, all people are equal before the Google-God as long as they have a high-speed connection and sacrifice their integrity, intimate details and last but not least their lifetime on the altar of social media and technological progress.
We all do it to a certain degree and most of us do it with pleasure. We all throw away precious time and trade true social interaction for the rush of hundreds of friends on Facebook and the feeling our unimportant thoughts and dreams would have a meaning to someone else instead of drowning in the accelerating news stream.
The strangest part of it is that this post is no different from all the white noise out there - I really try to make a point but I am doomed to fail and being brutally honest doesn't make me less hypocritical.
Today as an artist who has to pay his bills with his artworks you simply HAVE TO use that social media bullshit to a certain degree otherwise you never gain a foothold.
Promoting an artistic vision that is anti-modern with the help of exactly the mechanisms and tools of the modernity I oppose just doesn't feel quite right. But this is a paradox I have to live and work with and so I try to make the best out of it. Fight fire with fire, I guess...

However, and this is what this announcement is really about, I have to make a cut and refocus on what is important. For the reasons discussed above I cannot abandon the most important tools of propaganda, so I will continue with this blog, my Facebook-page and any other possibility to gain renown on the world wide web. But I will restrict it to a minimum and keep distraction at bay.
So far I have tried to reply to each request asap but, as some of you may know, I constantly failed and just ended up with lots of loose threads. If I spent several hours each day with replies to requests and "networking" these hours are lost for the real work. So you could say I basically waste the time that I need to create the works all the blog-entries, mails and messages are about...
Sure, it's just an issue with my time management - but the main principle of time management is to set priorities.

Why should you care, dear reader?
Simply because I won't answer any request, comment or whatever that I get via blog, Facebook, Youtube and so on. The only way to contact me is to write an E-mail! 
All else will be ignored.
I know that this seems to be against all the logic of the market, but I believe in one thing - to focus on my true selling points is the only way to go - quality and innovation instead of networking and spamming!

/Freki Wodenswolf

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nekro Norse - a first perspective on the more sombre and obscure upcoming artworks of Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel

 As an artist you have different sources of inspiration, shifting and changing with time, but also constant elements that stand as the pillars of your creations. And while these pillars stand strong and unbroken, they might still be hidden, in disguise and thus invisible for most.
In practice this can have several reasons: lost focus, experiments and so on.
But more important for most artists who have to make a living from their art is the diktat and pressure of commercial considerations.
Actually I am a lucky guy, since alomst everything I create is in harmony with my iron creed and vision. I am able to bring out my message to the masses and most sources of inspiration get their appropriate run. But still, there's something missing.
While I am able to incorporate most of the impact that nature, wildlife, ancient european culture and pagan heritage have on my artistic vision, there's another aspect that is still hidden in the shadowside of my creations.
The things that lie beyond the obvious, under the surface, the obscure, the morbid, the „evil“ forces... It's time to invoke some of these esoteric spirits!

I was spending some time thinking about how to give room to these darker elements without loosing my distinct manner of expression. My vision soon cleared – I wanted to create something that would melt my rather authentic norse ornamental style with the aesthetics and contents of old-school Death and Black and Viking Metal (when I speak of the latter, I speak of old Enslaved, Helheim or Einherjer – not the feeble shit that is labeled as Viking Metal today...)
since this musical genre(s) were extremely influential to me in an artistic and personal way.
The name Nekro Norse was born as an umbrella term to describe this new style.
While „Nekro“ describes the dark and sinister approach of the artworks, the framework and execution will be in a similar „Norse“ style that I am known for.

Nekro Norse is a concept that allows me to dive into the occult and sombre realms of art, still with a strong connection to my roots in germanic/norse culture and old school Metal. I am sure it won't appeal to all my fans out there, but it isn't intended to do so. This is a celebration of my artistic freedom without any bonds or restrictions but my own (bad) taste.
But I am also sure that some of you who have a similar background and interest in Death/Black Metal as well as northern european culture will gladly join me on my excursion to the realms of the dead.

The pictures presented in that post are excerpts from the first full artwork called „The Delusion of the Necromancer“ that will be published on my websites very soon!

/Freki W