Friday 30 August 2013

Norse Snowboards - Thor

Instead of writing a new text about this work, let me cite from the product description on that has a lot of my own quote:

About the art:
Selecting an artist to create the first snowboard graphic for a Norse Snowboard was quite a challenge. Ancient Norse and Germanic art has nearly been forgotten in the span of the last couple thousand years. We were able to find an artist that specializes specifically in the ancient traditional art of Northern Europe. Our goal at Norse is to revitalize an ancient spirit in ourselves, and one of the most beautiful parts of that spirit is the cultural significance of the art.

 Our artist works with us internationally from Sweden, Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel. Having an expert in Norse art centered in the heart of the Scandinavian homeland is something we are very proud of. Freki puts his heart into every piece that he works on, having deep connection to his art “almost all of my works are single items, customized and personal. I like the individual touch of that approach but at times it feels like there has to be something more.” –Freki

 What is the deeper significance of the art in our snowboard? From the artist:

 “Tradition; It's about the spiritual and cultural tradition of ancient Europe and its artistic correspondence. But it's not like a romantic look into the rear-view mirror, it's the strong belief that we can only benefit from the revival of our past values, to gain strength, pride and a sense of identity that seems lost in our days.”

 “That's what I liked about Norse Snowboarding right from the start - the approach of bringing Norse/Germanic tradition into a scene that is otherwise dominated by very modern styles. Thor's Hammer is the perfect theme for the first Norse Snowboard, a symbol for the vital power of the Germanic spirit.”

 “The design of the Thor Board combines authentic Norse style with a modern design. That's why there are two hammers, one pointing backward into the past, one forward into the future. Like the hammer cracks the sky, this board strikes the top of a snowcapped mountain and the old gods return from oblivion - take a ride with them, take a ride with the Thor Board!” -Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Vargdricka - Logo and Label for Scandinavian Farmhouse Ale

Vargdricka - Label
This work was inspired by Lorenz Frølich's "Odin and Fenrir"

This project was a special fun - designing a label and a logo for a scandinavian farmhouse ale.
Let's have a look at the company's own the description of this drink:
"a recreation of the daily drink of the vikings brewed with smoked malt, wheat, rye, and honey upon berry laden juniper branches and bittered with bog myrtle"

Check them out at:

Thursday 31 January 2013

Nekro Norse - a first perspective on the more sombre and obscure upcoming artworks of Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel

 As an artist you have different sources of inspiration, shifting and changing with time, but also constant elements that stand as the pillars of your creations. And while these pillars stand strong and unbroken, they might still be hidden, in disguise and thus invisible for most.
In practice this can have several reasons: lost focus, experiments and so on.
But more important for most artists who have to make a living from their art is the diktat and pressure of commercial considerations.
Actually I am a lucky guy, since alomst everything I create is in harmony with my iron creed and vision. I am able to bring out my message to the masses and most sources of inspiration get their appropriate run. But still, there's something missing.
While I am able to incorporate most of the impact that nature, wildlife, ancient european culture and pagan heritage have on my artistic vision, there's another aspect that is still hidden in the shadowside of my creations.
The things that lie beyond the obvious, under the surface, the obscure, the morbid, the „evil“ forces... It's time to invoke some of these esoteric spirits!

I was spending some time thinking about how to give room to these darker elements without loosing my distinct manner of expression. My vision soon cleared – I wanted to create something that would melt my rather authentic norse ornamental style with the aesthetics and contents of old-school Death and Black and Viking Metal (when I speak of the latter, I speak of old Enslaved, Helheim or Einherjer – not the feeble shit that is labeled as Viking Metal today...)
since this musical genre(s) were extremely influential to me in an artistic and personal way.
The name Nekro Norse was born as an umbrella term to describe this new style.
While „Nekro“ describes the dark and sinister approach of the artworks, the framework and execution will be in a similar „Norse“ style that I am known for.

Nekro Norse is a concept that allows me to dive into the occult and sombre realms of art, still with a strong connection to my roots in germanic/norse culture and old school Metal. I am sure it won't appeal to all my fans out there, but it isn't intended to do so. This is a celebration of my artistic freedom without any bonds or restrictions but my own (bad) taste.
But I am also sure that some of you who have a similar background and interest in Death/Black Metal as well as northern european culture will gladly join me on my excursion to the realms of the dead.

The pictures presented in that post are excerpts from the first full artwork called „The Delusion of the Necromancer“ that will be published on my websites very soon!

/Freki W

Saturday 1 December 2012

Tattoo Designs Deleted!

Unfortunately and with a heavy heart I had to delete all custom tattoo designs from my gallery and so I will do on my other websites as well.
The reason is that people obviously have problems to respect individuality and take my work even if it is marked as property of a certain person - the person who commissioned me to design the corresponding tattoo, the person who paid a lot of money to get a unique tattoo.
I know, maybe it was naive to think there could be something like respect among those who appreciate my art, but actually putting the finished works online was the only chance to show the world what I do... Recently designing tattoos has become my main occupation and it is quite clear that the amount of these jobs will decrease if I no longer can promote my work on the net. But the integretiy towards my customers is more important than the amount of commissions so I will have to find another way of promoting my art.

Sorry for those whojust enjoyed looking at my art and fuck those who steal! May the ink poison your skin - my curse is upon you!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Thor's Hammer 2012

To celebrate 1000 likes of this fb-page!
You are allowed to use this design for whatever purpose - print it on shirts, get it tattoed, I don't care as long as you spread it!
There's only one thing - please klick the "like" button on Freki Wodenswolf's facebook page!

You need a high resolution version of one or all of the images above? 
Just download them here!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Folks, please pay attention to this procalmation!
Of course I appreciate any interest in my arts and crafts and every customer is very welcome - however there's one thing I would like to make clear to spare you and me precious time.

Please don't ask me to redo any of my previous works!

Most items that have been in the shops have been made several times - and their time is over! This is just the reason I closed down my Etsy Shop - I simply became fed up with doing the same stuff on and on again. It is certainly not in my customers' interest if I do things with a kind of reluctance just to earn some money - this would be the quite opposite of what my work really is about!
Furthermore I can't redo single items just because of the fact that they would cease to be single items in the moment they got replicated. So just imagine, you buy something as a single item and afterwards become aware of that there are plenty of additional copies of your "single item"...
So please contact me further on for plenty of nice custom works but give phantasy and creativity a chance and don't ask for the old stuff all the time!

Thanks for your attention!

Hails from the forest

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Recent Custom Works: Guitar Strap Ragnarökkr

 Recently finished custom work - as always a blend of different styles of the middle - later period viking age showing the battle between the forces of chaos and order...


Thursday 29 March 2012

Recent Work: Dragon Pendant

Finally spring time is here and so is the possibility to work outside. This means bone carving! Here you see one of the first carving projects of 2012 and if this isn't my best one so far, I don't know...

The design is my own, but was to a large degree influenced by an urnes style original from the viking age. The design itself as on paper is a lot more pure Urnes style, while adding the dots inside the body of the dragon makes the pendant more of a viking-style-crossover.

Friday 21 October 2011

Recent Works: Vargkors Shoulder Bag

Think for some it might be interesting to see one of my tooling works before the coloring.

And here's the finished item:
Finally it's done - the main pattern on the front of the bag might have been one of the most intricate and time intense toolings I have made so far. Therefore I decided to keep the rest of the bag rather simple.
This bag is actually a present for my dear mom who always wanted a shoulder bag from me - I guess she will be happy with it...

Of course the patterns are self-designed.

Monday 1 August 2011

Recent Works: Outdoor Belt Bag Lupus Illuminatus

Belt Bag I made for myself, hence my own logo in the front and a pattern I have tattooed on my left arm on the inside. This belt bag is thought to be my companion in the outdoors, so it consists of some extra features like some inner flaps that prevent things falling out as well as keeping rain and dirt outside, as well as an extra bag for my cellphone and a carabiner resp. a d-ring too attach things. Will test this one very soon on a trip to the north...